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New collaboration agreement L'ARTISTICO

New commercial collaboration agreement between CIMM Energies and Artístico. The prestigious Italian company, manufacturer of designer interior fireplaces that work with biomass, entrusts the responsibility of carrying out the marketing tasks of L 'ARTÍSTICO in Spain, in the hands of Cimm Energies.
Cimm, reached the collaboration agreement this last campaign, before the constant increase of demand of these appliances in new constructions and reforms to heat the home and especially to obtain savings in heating in the houses. Its quality finishes and its presence in interior design magazines make it a renowned brand, which must be taken into account when designing a pellet fireplace at home.



From next 07/01/20, the new Hergóm rates for the 2020-2021 season come into force, with NEW PRODUCTS and technical improvements in others, already existing.

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Nothing and no one will stop this St. Jordi

From Cimm, and as tradition marks, we want to give you the rose and the book.

Happy St. day Jordi!

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